Black Belts


Chepstow Taekwon-Do Academy Black Belts

This page is dedicated to Chepstow Taekwon-Do Academy's Black Belts.


We are very proud that we have trained a total of 17 Black Belts in the last 15 years and almost twice that number in the 30 plus years the academy has been in operation. Currently the academy has 10 Black Belts training regularly, ranging from 4th to 1st Dan's. We are hopefull that at least 5 of our Black Belts will grade up to 2nd Dan during 2014.




Chepstow Taekwon-Do Academy Black Belts

(picture taken January 2014)


From left to right

Mr Ken Bloomfield 4th Dan (Senior Instructor/Grading Examiner), Mr Moses Colins 1st Dan, Miss Bethan Phillips 1st Dan,

Miss Georgia Jones 1st Dan, Miss Alix Byrne 1st Dan (Assistant Instructor/Student Welfare Officer),Mr Fraser Nicholson 1st Dan,

Mr Jamie Kocheta 1st Dan, Mr Colin Dick 1st Dan, Mr Justin Telang 3rd Dan (Senior Assistant Instructor)




Chepstow Teakwon-Do Academy Black Belts showing off their well earned Black Belt certificates.

(picture taken January 2014)



By Ken Bloomfield


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