Seniors training session January 2014. Almost a full complement of Black Belts - brilliant!



Rememberance Day training session 2013!album-1!album-3!album-7

Black Belt self defence seminar taught by Mr Ken Bloomfield 4th Dan and Mr Jason Bird 2nd Dan Aikido. Held at Taffs Well in February 2011.!album-11



This page is currently under review!album-0



Christmas Social and Awards Night 2013!album-13

UKGT Winter Championships November 2014

Black Belt Pre-Grading October 2014

Black Belt Grading July 2014

UKGT Summer Championships June 2014

Colour Belt Grading March 2014

Colour Belt Grading May 2014

Welsh Open May 2014

Black Belt Pre-Grading May 2014

SM Sahota's Seminar in Chepstow July 2014

Colour belt grading in September 2013

The Master Sahota Competiton held in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales in July 2013!album-2

Grand Master Hwang's Seminar in March 2013

The GTI competition held at Cheltenham in November 2012

A small seminar by Senior Master Sahota at Chepstow in February 2013!album-5

Chepstow Taekwon-Do Black Belts in December 2012!album-6!album-4

Colour belt grading in Chepstow, September 2012!album-8

Pictures of the ladies from Chepstow Taekwon-Do Academy strutting their stuff. Wicked!

Black Belt Grading at Taffs Well in April 2011!album-10!album-9


By Ken Bloomfield


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