Special Needs


Specials Needs

At Chepstow Taekwon-Do Academy we are proud of our association with people with special needs. Currently Mr Bloomfield is delivering one training session a week for the special education needs students at Chepstow School. We hope in time to establish a special needs arm of the academy with regular training sessions outside school and we hope eventually some of these students can integrate into the regular academy classes.


Taekwon-Do has proven benefits for people with special needs. These are many and various. To name just a few here, there is:

  • Increased confidence through a sense of achievement by attaining goals in taekwon-do.
  • Stretching of muscles that would not necessarily be stretched during normal activities.
  • Improved balance.
  • A heightened sense of team spirit pairing up.
  • And many more


Here are just a few photograghs of the SEN students in training.




By Ken Bloomfield


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